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Stop Funding the Banks’ Gambling Habits: Choose a Bitcoin Wallet and KEEP Your Money

Bitcoin is a lot of things to me:

  • A fun way to pay for things online, sort of like the feeling of being in an arcade…
  • A way to transfer currency online and pay for things without incurring crazy fees such as the likes of PayPal
  • A better way to donate to charity organizations
  • A superior way to transfer money between different countries with different national currencies.
  • A means of paying for items anonymously. For instance, purchasing a hosting account anonymously will prohibit the public from accessing your name through
  • …and finally, being a finance nerd, I am intrigued by the quasi-derivative aspects of it and how it can be used to profit in foreign exchange markets (though I would not attempt this unless I was truly prepared for the uninterrupted dedication involved).

My Top Bitcoin Wallet Choices:



After first learning of Bitcoin, I was initially skeptical, myself. I took about three days to give myself enough research and mulling time. In that time and since then, I have found absolutely no logical reason to not like Bitcoin! I personally use both of these wallets that I have listed in this article.

In my opinion, the best option for obtaining a Bitcoin wallet is to simply go to and download the Bitcoin-Qt (which is a wallet application that runs on the desktop).

Then just extract the archive and open the file labeled 32 or 64 which will be located in the bin file and double-click on the “bitcoin-qt”  executable. I have only done this using linux, but if anyone who is reading this is having trouble using Bitcoin-Qt, please feel free to contact me and I will try my best to assist you.

The best reason for using the Bitcoin-Qt is that you, yourself, ensure it’s security, unlike online wallet services which may falter or become manipulated. It takes more vigilance on the wallet keeper’s part, but it is a luxury that a lot of people prefer.

Remember that once you open the wallet, it will need to connect to the network and sync with all of the blocks that have been previously mined. Expect it to take quite a while! Also, whenever you close the wallet and reopen it at a later time, the same thing will happen because blocks are mined every few minutes. The wallet will need to sync with the blocks mined during the time the wallet was closed. Wallet Wallet

This is my favorite wallet to use because I have such bad luck keeping my laptops healthy… I like that they keep everything as secure as they are able to on their end and that I am able to easily back up my wallet as many times as I want in preparation for the possibility of their site going down and/or their files getting tampered with.

To get started is so easy! Click the “wallet” link in the upper menu area and then follow the instructions provided. What I like about the wallet at is that you can easily back up your wallet onto several different mediums each time you receive a payment.

Another reason why I feel confident in the wallet is that it is well established and trusted.


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