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How I Earned My First 11 Binnys (or Bit Cents)

I really loved about a month ago, it was the one place that gave out a decent sized bitcoin reward for watching short videos.

So far I have made a little over 11 Binnys! …or 11 Bit pennies (or bitcents as they are also refered to as) just for clicking play and re-positioning my focus back to my other personal tasks.

When I started earning Bitcoin at this place about a month and a half ago, they were paying out 150 micro Bitcoins per video view. Even better, the video choices were of decent abundance and not too lengthy. Currently, they have dropped their compensation down to 50 micro btc per video view (the reward continues to decrease as BTC appreciates) and I have noticed a drop in the amount of videos they offer for viewing.
However, they have included the addition of a “tasks” area where one may complete incomplex tasks for a more decent amount of bitcoin if one is willing to put in a modicum of focus.
Also, even though the btc reward has dropped to a third of what it was previously, also keep in mind that Bitcoin has more than tripled in value since that time as well, so it balances out. One would just need to put in a little more time to get those binnys and not just the satoshis!


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