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My Top Recommendations to Check-In For Bitcoin on the Hour

Yes, I realize how small the payouts look to be, but things are not always as they seem…
These small rewards really do end up accumulating over time, even though these sites only give out small fractions of BItcoin, do try to remember that Bitcoin has vast growth potential and will be dealt with in small fractions at some point in the near future anyway. For example, if the Bitcoin reaches $100,000, $1 would be worth 0.00001BTC.

If it takes little effort for one to check into these sites, I highly recommend doing it as often as can be remembered whilst online messing about.



Daily Bitcoins

Daily Bitcoins

This one is definitely my favorite check-in site. Pay no attention to the misnomer, this site is, indeed, for hourly requests.

Not only is this site unwaveringly reliable in its uptime, they give out a decent amount of prizes each day as well.

The best thing about Daily Bitcoins is that every so often, they give out credits for which is a gambling site.

However, gambling is not required, anyone may do as I do, save up the credits and simply cash out to a Bitcoin wallet. There is a 0.0005BTC charge for withdrawal, so it is best to save up a good amount before withdrawing to make it worthwhile.



Coin Ad

Coin Ad

This site does have some issues now and again, but is never down for even as long as a day.

The notable feature of this site is that one may visit the chat area and submit messages for a 25% chance to win a small fraction of a highly valuable Bitcoin.



Bitcoins 4 MeBitcoins 4 Me

This is another great site for hourly check-ins to request Bitcoin.
It is a 2-step process and thus just a tad irritating comparatively. First you enter your address, then a CAPTCHA pops up in your face to complete. I am not quite sure how much they give out each time but if I would have to make a rough guess, I would estimate around 0.0000125.



El Bitcoin Gratis

El Bitcoin Gratis

A reliable site that happens to be written in Spanish, but still easy to navigate for those uninitiated with the Spanish language.
They give out 0.0000023 btc per request.
Just make sure that you refresh the CAPTCHA before completing it if you leave the tab open between requests for your BTC.



Can Has Bitcoin

Here one may request Bitcoin once every 30 minutes!

An extremely colorful and Gif-filled Bitcoin faucet. This page can be a little distracting, but is overall quite simple to navigate.

Just fill in a BTC address, complete the CAPTCHA, and you are put in the queue.  They pay out once daily and clearly list their sending address so that the receiver may confirm the reward was sent.




Have fun!





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