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An Informative Lullaby at


I only just found this lovely site about a week ago and I really do enjoy it! It is unique and charming, a very elegant application to match the beauty of Bitcoin.

First, it is an excellent cure for insomnia. I have had great results from leaving it playing whenever I have some trouble sleeping. It is like listening to the soothing and subtle music of wind-chimes getting manipulated by a fluctuating wind. It is quite close to natural sound which makes it a good source of “white noise”.

Second, it is another great way to get a feel for the Bitcoin market and it’s transaction volume. The bubbles are sized in relation to the amount of Bitcoin in the transaction, blocks also float by every few minutes and make a little fanfare whenever they begin to appear. I have personally witnessed as many as three at once on the screen at the same time.
I like to look at it as a sort of modern stock ticker because it is apparent whenever there are surges in the market. That witnessed volume may in turn be compared to the charts, themselves. It gives an extension to the story told by the charts to allow for a broader view of the Bitcoin market as a whole. pulls information in real time from transactions and MtGox trades.


Also, whenever someone is generous enough to make a donation to assist them in keeping their wonderful site up, the donation itself becomes a brightly highlighted bubble in the transaction stream for all to see. These lovely donations not only help immensely to ensure the longevity of the site but also add to the intrinsic beauty of it as well, so be generous and contribute to


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