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My Favorite Places to Check-In for Bitcoin Daily

Daily Bitcoin


There seems to be no limit to the rising value of Bitcoin. If you have not already, now is the time to take advantage of the opportunity to collect a little Bitcoin before it goes completely mainstream. Once that happens, The faucets are sure to dry up permanently.
The following list details seven reliable Bitcoin faucets to help get the crypto-coin neonates initiated and somewhat motivated in their unquenched thirst to pursue more coin.





This faucet has an option to save up the daily rewards until they accumulate to a decent size. This is great for those who would like to keep better track of their transactions.
If the reward seems low, just try refreshing the page after a little wait and it usually changes pretty regularly.
The highest reward I have spyed lately is .000008 BTC.


Bunny Run:

The Bunny Run


This site is like a chance to gamble for a little bitcoin for free, once per day.
Just pick a bunny and wait for the race to begin! You can either choose to run the bunnies for fun just to get a feel for how the game works, or you can choose to take a chance and earn a small fraction of bitcoin. Even if your bunny comes in last place, you still earn a consolation prize.

One tip I am able to offer is that it seems as though one would need to scroll up immediately after clicking on one of the buttons. Otherwise you might be at the bottom of the page and will miss the race.


Net Lookup:

Net Lookup


One of the most simple faucets of them all! Just type in a bitcoin address and submit. No CAPTCHA, no irritation, only reward.
Recently, the site has implemented a new policy, now they will only send payments out once per week. However, in order to maximize the reward, one must submit their bitcoin address every day.


Bit Hits:

Bit Hits


This is another of the most simple faucets. Just type in your BTC address for a reward of 2 microBTC. No CAPTCHA completion required, hooray!


Free Coins:

Free Coins


Another straight forward site wherein one may enter their Bitcoin address, complete a less irritating CAPTCHA and collect a little bitcoin.
The timing of the site is a bit wonky, some days it will tell me I already collected when I have not. However, it is basically a daily bitcoin faucet so try your luck, it might be better than mine.



Bitcoin Addict


Just type in a bitcoin address and complete the annoying CAPTCHA to get the reward.



Coin Ticket


Apparently, the way this faucet works is that they have a stockpile of Bitcoin and divide the amount up into a number of “tickets”. Each “ticket” is worth a small fraction of a bitcoin.
I have only seen 10 “tickets” being given out per day.


The list is finished, now it is time to go get gathering!



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