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Best Places to Waste a Bit of Time for Bits of Bitcoin

Bitcoin seems to be reaching all new highs each day. This is truly exciting due to the simple fact that Bitcoin is merely in it’s infancy and that not even half of the possible BTC has even been mined as of yet. Only now are people beginning to learn about it’s undeniable presence. When compared to the masses of people who use government issued “fiat”, there are currently few utilisers of Bitcoin…
However, things are changing at this very moment as more and more businesses with online presence are accepting Bitcoin. As well as businesses and service providers such as restaurants, medical clinics and apartment building managers that are catching on to the inevitable trend as well.

There are a lot of “earn Bitcoin sites” out there that claim they will earn you the most Bitcoin for your time. Most of these sites require you to perform extremely irritating tasks that will divert your focus, or they offer surveys that you actually have to take a pre-survey to even qualify for! I would never waste my time on sites like these and I certainly will not waste your time by listing them out in this article.

I highly suggest taking advantage of the genuinely generous opportunities to earn Bitcoin while they are still giving out decent fractional rewards. Sure, at this point, 0.00000800BTC may not seem like much, but within the next few years, that same amount might buy you lunch, possibly a whole lot more…
The following is a list of my top recommendations for earning Bitcoin as easily as possible:





In my opinion, this is the best site to visit when you want to waste a little time online and earn Bitcoin at the same time.
All that needs to be done is to complete a CAPTCHA and hit the next button. You are then directed to a site and a counter appears that requires you to wait 5 minutes before clicking to the next site and thus claiming your compensation.

What I like about this site is that it is not a big distraction. Once I get to the page with the counter, I usually go elsewhere online and sometimes literally forget about it. When I return and hit the next button, I still get compensated. Very nice site!



Coin Visitor


This place is strange, but still my second choice. You view different sites for about 10 seconds each, some you get paid for, some are labeled “FREE”, you will not get paid for viewing the same site the second time within a 24 hour period, but yet they still put them in your path.
The redeeming qualities to this site are:

1.) The CAPTCHAs they use are the least irritating I have ever dealt with. Seriously, all CAPTCHAs should be like the ones on this site!

2.) They have a raffle feature that gives out frequent rewards in the midst of clicking through the sites.



Coin Tube

Watch videos to earn a tiny piece of Bitcoin. They usually have a decent amount of viewing material as well.

A great site, but not my favorite because it is not the best option if the multi-tasking one is performing online includes watching other videos.



Bitcoin 4 You


The one great thing about this place is that you are only required to stay on each page for 2 minutes as opposed to Bitvisitor’s 5 minute counter.

There are always at least 4 ads to view per day, granted not a lot of earning potential but it is about 8 minutes out of the day to earn a little Bitcoin.



earn free bitcoins


This is yet another site wherein you complete a CAPTCHA and are then directed to a site for the purpose of viewing it for at least 5 minutes. I have discovered that this place offers the least amount of ads to view, but it is still worth a visit.





I still really like this site because they pay out the most, even though they have dropped their payout almost 90%. If you would like to read about it, I wrote a whole article dedicated just to this site and you may view it by clicking on the screenshot directly above.





5 comments on “Best Places to Waste a Bit of Time for Bits of Bitcoin

  1. nast13
    Thursday 18 April, 2013

    NICE POST…Better than mine…Thanks Bitcoin Goddess…We are not worthy!

  2. Julian Ashcroft
    Saturday 20 April, 2013

    I like your post but most of the above are a complete waste of time.

    Specifically, Bitvisitor, let me share with you the facts on just one of the sites you list above and I am sure this applies to all the others.

    So here are the facts

    1 Euro = Approximately 0.01 Bitcoins (At today’s exchange rate)
    So to make one euro on Bitvisitor how long would that take?
    The math is 0.01 BTC’s divided by 0.000008 BTC’s per click = 1250 clicks
    Therefore I would need to click the ‘next’ button on the Bitvisitor site 1250 times before I could make 1 euro!!
    Which would mean 1250 multiplied by 5 minutes which is 6250 minutes
    Which in human readable form is equal to a staggering 104.167 hours!
    Or 4.34 days to make 1 F!@#ing euro!
    So in 1 year I would make about eighty four euro and ten cents!

    You can read the rest of this article on my new little blog at

    Hope this saves you folks wasting time! – Thanks for the article, we are all learning!


    • Bitcoin Goddess
      Sunday 21 April, 2013

      I welcome your difference of opinion. I also agree that if one’s goal is to earn a Euro’s worth of BTC, it would take a tedious length of time to do so on a site such as BitVisitor.

      However, earning the equivalent of a Euro, or any other recognized “legal tender” is not the point of this article. Hence the title, “waste…time for bits of Bitcoin”. Also, as Bitcoin is highly volatile in it’s value at this time and indeed, until it begins to stabilize (which should not be for perhaps quite a few years in the future), BTC cannot realistically be compared to the majority of other currencies.

      I explicitly state in the introduction that what is earned from these sites are mere fractions of a Bitcoin. The sites I mentioned are listed here for the fact that they are exceptionally easy places to earn Bitcoin w/o really doing anything, except using a little extra memory on one’s computer.
      Having a modicum of Bitcoin is good for a lot of reasons, one being that experimentation of transferring BTC from one address to another may be performed w/o any risk. The transaction may also be looked up in the blockchain and more may be learned about the transaction process.
      The small amounts of BTC would also be well received donations to places such as WikiLeaks…

      If you are personally discouraged by the tiny amounts of Bitcoin that are given out by these sites, then I apologize for wasting your time with this article. Simply do not visit these sites…
      Of course, as you are entitled to your own opinion, others are entitled to formulate their own as well…
      I do not appreciate the insinuation that those who take advantage of the generous options of sites such as BitVisitor, that offer Bitcoin compensation as opposed to say, fractions of a US penny, are not intelligent enough to recognize that the BTC rewards they are receiving are indeed, tiny.

      The end point is that collecting fractions of BTC now may prove to be lucrative in the future as the value of Bitcoin appreciates.
      My suggestion for visiting any of the above sites is to not spend too much time or effort on any of them, they should be used more casually and for novelty purpose.
      These sites are most definitely not intended as a main source of income generation. At the very worst, visiting these sites and trying them out is a learning experience, not a “complete waste of time” as you put it.

  3. Julian Ashcroft
    Tuesday 23 April, 2013

    Fair enough Bitcoin Goddess, I will agree to differ with you then. I still think the sites you list above are a Complete waste of time and provide little “learning experience” if any.

    P.S. Keep up the good work on your blog!

    • Bitcoin Goddess
      Thursday 25 April, 2013


      Then we agree to disagree…

      However, I do think it rather sad that you find learning experiences a “complete waste of time”.
      All experiences are learning experiences and when they are embraced for what they are with an open mind, that is when you truly learn from it. Going into any experience with the “complete-waste-of-time” mentality is potentially causing yourself a great disservice.

      For example, you’ve learned that you hold much contempt toward sites such as BitVisitor and/or their Bitcoin compensation does not raise up to your expectations. Of course, you also have been helping to give them more publicity online…

      Instead of launching a smear campaign against BV, perhaps you could compete with them by starting a site where people earn better Bitcoin rewards, that do not require the completion of scammy-type “tasks”. Let me know if you do create one, because I would totally endorse it.

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