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Litecoin has been staying strong lately at a rate of about 0.02 LTC/BTC which is a promising sign for the fledgling currency. It is my opinion that Litecoin will complement Bitcoin very well heading into the future of online transactions.

Unfortunately, at this point, I only know of two dedicated litecoin faucets. There was, it seems, a faucet over at Coin of Midas. However, it was broken by the time I discovered it.

The following two pages I have listed below have very good uptime and will hopefully stay around for some time to come. If I find any other good faucets for Litecoin, I will most certainly update this article.





The other side to Bitcoiner. Only one request for Litecoin per day is accepted.

This faucet has an option to save up daily rewards until they accumulate to a decent amount. Which, like Bitcoiner, is great for those who would like to keep better track of their transactions.

Also, just like the sister site, if the reward seems low, just try refreshing the page after a little wait and it usually changes pretty regularly.
The highest reward I have seen at Litecoiner is .00053500 LTC.




This is a page where one may place requests for Litecoin every 30 minutes!

This LTC faucet is quite a colorful page! Gifs all over the place, a little distracting but also very festive. It is very standard and simple to navigate.

All that needs be done to request the Litecoin is to enter an LTC address and then complete the CAPTCHA.




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