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Getting Started with PPcoin: Installing the Peercoin Wallet onto Ubuntu Linux

What an unfortunate name for a popular crypto-coin. I prefer to refer to it as Peercoin, as it’s actual name is peer2peercoin, which is just too long of a title. Peercoin has proven itself to be a persistent competitor in the digital currency realm. If Bitcoin were the gold coin and Litecoin were the silver, then Peercoin will probably rank in at copper once it begins to mature.

PPC is definitely a crypto-coin to watch, it has been holding a steady average rate of around 0.00015PPC/BTC lately.

Peer2Peercoin is a fork of Bitcoin, this is made very obvious by the fact that they barely changed the logo and neglected to remove the word “Bitcoin” from certain areas of the GUI. Peercoin claims to be an “energy efficient” crypto-currency, however, I am not completely convinced of this.

Their exact claim is that because energy is not required to sustain the network, that long-term energy efficiency is anticipated. However, there is no hard cap on the amount of potentially minted PPC.

“There is a 2-billion coin max value in the source code, however that is only used for consistency checking and is not meant to be part of the minting design.”


Here are a couple of places where you may learn more about the unique aspects of PPC:



This page includes a recipe to create a PPC vanity address using VanityGen.



How To Install and Run the PPC Wallet:

This article is about installing ppcoin 0.3.0 for linux

Go to Source Forge to download the PPC wallet onto Linux:


Download PPC Wallet


Click on the button to download the client package. Then save the file, preferably into the “/usr/local” folder.

Extract the contents of the package into the “/usr/local” folder. Afterward, you may either place the tar.gz package within the ppcoin folder or just delete it because there is no further need for it.

Within the ppcoin folder, the client will be found in both /ppcoin-0.3.0/bin/32 and /ppcoin-0.3.0/bin/64.

Once in the “bin” folder, enter the corresponding folder that will be compatible for your system, either “32” or “64” (only one will work). Then just double click on “ppcoin-qt” to run the wallet.

Once the PPC wallet has opened, it will need to connect and synchronize to the network. Expect to wait a while for the sync to complete.

As with most crypto-coin wallets, all addresses are kept and created within the “Receive coins” section.




One comment on “Getting Started with PPcoin: Installing the Peercoin Wallet onto Ubuntu Linux

  1. Steve J Bayer
    Sunday 21 April, 2013

    I’m glad that I’m not the only person who prefers to call it a peercoin.

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