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More About the Bitcoin Goddess


I created this space specifically for my love of money, or more to the point, keeping money. Meaning not getting pimped by big company fees, not to mention stupid taxes that mostly go to fund violence anyways.

If there is less money to fund that violence, perhaps we will start to see improvements on a global scale.

I love Bitcoin and in my opinion, it is most definitely a worthwhile investment. Not just an investment option for saving a “nest egg”, but an investment in freedom and collective humanity. I hope I am not putting people off with my loose hippie talk, I really am a logical-type person, I just also happen to be an idealist. I crave to live in a world that strives toward perfection.

Anger and greed are what makes our world so diseased. As many wise people have stated in numerous ways, to change the world, we must first change ourselves.

If you have been aided by my assistance, consider showing appreciation with some BTC or even LTC….

My BTC Address:


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6 comments on “More About the Bitcoin Goddess

  1. witchspace
    Thursday 4 April, 2013

    Love your site, Bitcoin Goddess! 🙂 I sent you some BTC to show my appreciation.

    • Bitcoin Goddess
      Friday 5 April, 2013

      Your appreciation has been noted, thank you for your generosity. I am glad that you are enjoying my site.

      • Witchspace
        Friday 5 April, 2013

        Btw I think you forgot to add your site address to your twitter.

      • Bitcoin Goddess
        Saturday 6 April, 2013

        I didn’t forget, I am just filling it out a little before putting the link up. It was thoughtful of you to point this out, though.

  2. Murray Barnetson (@PartTimeFD)
    Friday 19 April, 2013

    Cool background to your site! They are my country’s gold coins – South Africa

    • Bitcoin Goddess
      Friday 19 April, 2013

      Yes, I really do prefer the Krugerrand to other gold coins for two main reasons. First, because they contain the exact amount of gold that is stamped upon the coin and second, because there is no denomination to be found on the coin, itself.

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